NOICE is the contraction of NICE VOICE

A nice smile is key and smiling is communicating hope and solution. We want to use NOICE to raise our voice, in a nice manner, and propose solutions.


This is what we call positive propaganda movement!

NOICE's mission is to put common sense back into everyday personal care products.
We believe people should pay for the product, not its marketing or brand. We develop solutions that are natural & organic, and rely on eco-friendly packaging & distribution.


NOICE reinvents the experience, the packaging and the distribution of traditional toothpaste with a direct-to-consumer and low-waste concept and aims to stay close to its community. 

Meet the team behind NOICE

Morgane: "I suffer from conscious anxiety and always wonder from where I should start?

Let’s start together with toothpaste :)"

Clement: "I realise there is a huge misconception around toothpaste seen as a very complexe medicine when it is more common sense and good ingredients"


Address: 36 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059915


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