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A smile is worth a thousand words, but an environmentally conscious one is worth so much more!

Updated: Jan 3

According to the recent Toothpaste Market – Growth, Trends, Forecast, the global toothpaste market will contribute to an estimate of over 25 billion tubes annually around the world by 2024. Yet what does this all mean for the environment, when an empty toothpaste tube is simply thrown in the garbage or not able to be recycled in the standard household waste system?

Becoming consciously aware

While we often consider bringing our own bags to the shops and our keep cup for coffee, when it comes to brushing our teeth, the humble toothpaste tube is often overlooked as a player in the pollution field. In Australia for example, toothpaste tubes are not recycled in the standard household recycling system, and the only company accepting them is TerraCycle (recycling company). The good news is however, more and more brands are becoming consciously aware of the impact they’re making on the environment.

A big brand of the market recently finalised its design for a recyclable toothpaste tube, and plan to sell only 100% recyclable products by 2025. Unfortunately they have no plans to remove the harmful ingredients for our environment such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, and triclosan.

Recent findings also conclude that there is a significant increase in those wanting a toothpaste containing natural ingredients, such as charcoal, eucalyptus, liquorice, or peppermint oil. Not only are these ingredients effective when it comes to cleaning and whitening your teeth, they won’t cause harm to our environment.

Be the change

With more and more information available on the global environmental impact of consumer brands, humans are becoming more consciously aware when it comes to purchasing products.

We too have set out to combat tube waste with our botanical toothpaste, which comes in an ever-lasting bottle and completely compostable refill pods. It contains innovative natural and safe ingredients that are not only great for you, but the earth too.

We know one way we can positively impact our environment is by eliminating toothpaste tubes in our homes. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Click here to start your NOICE movement today and access the early bird offer!

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